As consumers, we can all gain benefits of word of mouth (WOM) recommendations.  How often during ‘lock down’ did you ask a friend to suggest a great film or box set on Netflix? When we go out to a restaurant, we might check out a review site or hop on a WhatsApp or Facebook group and ask, ‘I am going out for supper at the weekend, anyone recommend a delicious Italian?”.  We know and trust our friends, so we believe they will make an excellent suggestion.

This can become a powerful marketing channel for the business receiving the recommendation. They might be unaware that the guest taking the seat in the restaurant, is only there because of a friend’s suggestion.  A positive customer experience, outstanding service may have been the key to the recommendation given.

A survey conducted by Neilson indicated that 92% of consumers believe their friends and family more than advertising. WOM can become a crucial tool for marketing brands.

There can be a positive ripple effect as one person tells another, who shares with their friends and colleagues. Social media magnifying the reach of one simple positive story. Of course, it can have the reverse effect with a poor experience being shared through their networks.

Building relationships with your customers and networks can be so important to develop this channel.  Offer great service, add value to your networks and if you receive fantastic service, why not be the one giving a shout out to a local business.

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