Marketing is Not Always Digital

What immediately comes to mind when you think about your marketing tactics?

Social media, e-newsletters, website – the digital world?  These are important elements of the marketing mix, but are you missing a few tricks?  Consider adding some offline marketing tactics to your marketing plan and you may expand your reach.

8 Offline Marketing Tactics

  1. Thank your clients.  Demonstrating gratitude can be so powerful and offers an element of surprise and delight to your valuable customers.  A simple ‘Thank You’ card sent in the post, a small gift or perhaps lunch in a cool restaurant, conveys warm appreciation for their custom.  If you are a consumer volume business, a discount code or free gift with orders is a lovely way to reward loyalty.
  2. Treat/reward employees and suppliers. They would also love a ‘thank you’.  Valuing, rewarding and appreciating their work and creativity is so important. They can be loyal advocates of your brand, build relationships with clients and be a source of referrals.  Employees and suppliers will be speaking of your brand in and out of work.  Empower these voices to authentically convey the organisation in a positive light.
  3. Share knowledge.  Do you have knowledge or skills your clients, prospects, and stakeholders may benefit from hearing?  Invite them to a free seminar – a short talk.  Or identify speaking opportunities at events which attract your target audience. Demonstrates expertise and can add value.  Provides a chance to meet and connect with new contacts. Follow up, connect on LinkedIn, thank them for attending and continue the dialogue.
  4. Network.  Networking and connecting with individuals are some of the most important elements of my marketing.  I have won new clients and sourced creatives with whom I collaborate on projects, which is wonderful. But, do not expect it to be an instant hit.  Building relationships, consistency and introducing your contacts to each other (referring business) are key to success.  Identify a few networks that match your values, you feel comfortable and potential clients or partners attend.  Follow up, connect on LinkedIn and build the relationship over time.  When you least expect it – an opportunity to ‘do business’ or ‘refer business’ may present itself.
  5. Rebrand. Have you been in business for a while?  Has the proposition, values and product/service offering evolved since you first established?  Perhaps you have taken over a business? It might be time to rebrand.  And the brand is not just the logo; it is an element of your strategy, culture, values, visual brand identity, tone of voice and brand story.  It can be the emotion you evoke in your customer.  Revisiting your brand strategy and refreshing your visual identity can enliven your business.
  6. Create an event. Launching a new product or service. Celebrating significant milestones or achievements. Moving to a new office. Welcoming team members. Opportunities to host and invite clients, prospects, suppliers, staff or stakeholders/influencers to an event. Ideas can include a party, themed event or dinner.
  7. Awards. Who doesn’t get a little bit excited at the glamour of the Oscars?  Being recognised and validated by your industry peers and the business community can be extremely motivational.  An occasion to raise the profile of the organisation and celebrate the achievements of individuals or teams in the organisation.
  8. Exhibit. Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions can be exciting mediums.  You can engage with prospects face-to-face, demonstrate a product, and meet fellow professionals or influencers.  Convey expertise or gain knowledge of your own industry.

Offline Marketing Tactics can support Digital Content

Many of these tactics can generate fresh, exciting content ideas to share across your digital platforms, so a win-win for both your online and offline marketing.

Fiona Melvin-Farr