A little bit of ‘whoop whoop’ can be marvellous

How often do you celebrate success? Show your appreciation, praise or congratulate colleagues, give words of encouragement to family and friends? It can be a quick well done for a great piece of work or winning an award at a major industry event – the power of praise, congratulations and gratitude is enormous.  Offering praise and recognition can be such a rewarding experience for the giver. Whether it is clapping in appreciation or presenting the award, a little bit of ‘whoop whoop’ can be marvellous. For the recipient confidence grows, new goals are set and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside emerges, as their ‘happy’ endorphins soar.

Last year I had the honour of being a judge for the Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland Excellence Awards. I presented the Award on the night to the winning team.  Of course, I knew before opening the envelope, who had won and felt so excited in anticipation of how they would be feeling. It was great fun welcoming them on to the stage and sharing in their success.

Team effort

I was thrilled too, recently to receive this gorgeous pink rose, just for growing my business and having a successful October.  The room clapped and I felt proud of what I had achieved.  I was so happy and grateful to be recognised by colleagues.  However, in accepting the rose and the audience appreciation, I was thinking about who else had helped this happen.  A business, large or small is about working in teams, partnerships, collaborations.  It is about the day to day effort that nobody notices and serving the needs of customers. So, for me it is a symbol of what my whole team had worked towards, my mentor’s and customers support –  not my efforts alone.  Thank you to all of them.

Why not look for more opportunities to say a well done to someone, send them a note of appreciation or put your team forward for an award – you might find it just as rewarding as the recipient.  Let’s shout ‘whoop whoop’ from the roof tops.