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marketing strategy and communications plan

Do you understand where your business is going?  Do you have a marketing strategy and a communications plan to take your there?  Have you set your marketing objectives?  Do these align with your business objectives? Is your marketing activity helping you reach your target markets and potential customers? How are you allocating the budget?  Do you measure results?

Or are you flapping in the wind…

create a strategic marketing and communications plan

Lacking direction?  We can help you create a Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan. This will be the roadmap to support your business to grow and achieve your objectives. Starting with the Marketing Audit, let us guide you through and create the plan… A tool that will focus your attention, energy and actions. Assist you to spend your tight resources more wisely.


Once the strategy is in place, the direction for your marketing mapped out and the actions identified, what next?  You can take the plan implement in-house.  Or we can support the implementation, working with you.  This might include managing relationships with graphic designers, web agencies and other specialist services.

We’d love to have an initial conversation, find out how we might support your marketing strategy.  Please get in touch.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash